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2 months ago

@newbie , the only predictable thing about MS is its unpredictability. What I am saying is that no-one knows how their future will pan out.

You’ve been advised that you have a progressive and degenerative condition. Nobody knows the course this will take for you. But, you’ve been offered the latest treatment, some may say the best. DMTs aren’t about treating where you are in the disease course, but to influence the future course.

Now, it’s possible that your MS will not progress. You seem to have a healthy lifestyle. But, no-one can promise that your MS will not progress. Ocrevus could therefore be seen as an effective insurance to slowdown the potential progression.

Hmmm, telling your boss? Well, you know him/her better than us. Once advised, they are legally obliged not to discriminate against you. This would happen in an ideal world……

There’s a couple of resources here which you might find useful :-–studying-with-MS-WEB.pdf