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2 months ago

Hello @newbie, bless you for waiting for three months to post! Welcome aboard. Sound like you are taking everything in your stride which is fab, and not least because you obviously haven’t got symptoms. First thing I’d say is – do not delay your treatment. That would mean you were putting work before your health. Nope How about a middle-ground; that of taking something that isn’t disruptive at all, such as Tecfidera? It’s really great that you don’t feel affected, but actually, your body has sustained damage already which has led to your diagnosis. Is your employer quite an enlightened and progressive company? I say that, because employment law is there absolutely to protect you. You could speak to your HR department in confidence; this would then really help if you did have to take time off for hospital appointments, or if you had a relapse. I told my employer, and had an Occupational Health assessment, who pointed out lots of reasonable adjustments that might be useful should I need them. That was two years ago and following my decision to cut down to part-time recently it was really easy to arrange that with my employer. Do you mind me asking how old you are? 🙂