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2 months ago

Hi! Have you been to your gp/neurologist about this? When I had my first relapse with dizziness, my gp said it could be something called benign paroxismal positional vertigo. However, my latest mri shows I have a lesion in the balance portion of my brain, and now I’ve got relapsing vertigo 🙃
With the sounds, though, it sounds like a change in pressure is affecting something in your inner ear, which will affect your balance also. If it’s only just come on recently, it may be an infection, which you must definately see your gp about. Do your ears feel like they’re blocked? Or like they’ve got water in them when they’re obviously dry? If you were to hold your nose and pop your ears, do you feel any pain, in one or both? If you do, make note of it so you dont forget when you tell the gp. Also tell them if you’ve recently changed medication, just in case any reported side effects covers this.