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2 months ago

Thank you to you all for your replies. It really helps to hear other people’s experiences. I will be sure to update you after my appointment with my neurologist.

I think it would be beneficial for me to seek out some kind of counselling or CBT because ever since my MS diagnosis I cannot help my brain going to the worst places if I have any kind of health issue. I guess when I was experiencing symptoms of MS I thought it was the worse case scenario and it turned out to be true so now every worst case scenario I have in my head I feel could easily be true if that makes sense. When I was diagnosed my doctor told me I hadn’t lost my life I had just lost my presumption of health. I now really know what she meant by that. I just want to be healthy and live a full life but I’m so frightened by all the things that could be going wrong in my body.

I Don’t know if any of you had any kind of counselling after being diagnosed with MS but it probably would have been good to deal with these issues early on!