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2 months ago

That sounds familiar to my RRMS days and when I was on Copaxone. That was my first DMT but about the only thing available when I was Dx in 2005. Since then there are so many other options that it can be asked if it should still be prescribed…and yes there are cases:

But I would have a relapse of a sudden one sided thing (usually balance or gait related and once speech) and my Neuro would get me into an MRI very quickly), usually within 24 hours so it wouldn’t go away before it was visible, and if there was activity (a bright spot) I would be set up with an infusion of Sol Medrol/steroids to shut it down. This would stop it and within 48 hours I would feel 80% better. They find that the recovery is the same, apparently, if you don’t get the massive steroids but it is much faster. For me it was worth it…the stress of a relapse is intense. I feel for you.

But- in the RRMS phase they typically subside and it is just a matter of waiting it out, taking care of yourself, getting sleep, and not stressing…soooo much easier to say than do 😉

Good luck – take care of yourself-