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2 months ago

I would have the awful habit of sleeping on my stomach and woke up with a numb hand one day and realized I had slept with my hand bent up around the top of my head…not good ;-0 then I would occasionally have a numb left hand and I’m right handed…so this wasn’t carpal and the fingers impacted were wrong (according to a friend who does PT) so I I discussed with my Neuro as I also had issues doing movements like shifting things around in my closet…hand above shoulders moving back and forth. I asked him if this was MS as I blame everything on that ;-0

He said no I should discuss with my general Dr and she poked around abit and said I should do yoga and get a massage. I should do more movement and stretching. Good advice…I went for a massage and I have a very astute gal who noted the issue was my 1st rib wasn’t staying in place and rubbing against my collarbone pinching the nerve to my hand. Wow! so then to a chiro who worked on that and gave me exercises to do to strengthen my shoulder and upper chest. I think what helped most was belly dance as there are so many moves you do with your hands held to shoulder height, shoulder shrugs, etc. With my shoulders strengthened and paying attention to not slumping my shoulders…and not sleeping on my stomach 😉 I haven’t had the issue for about a year.

So- not everything is MS…as my neuro said…I still will have all the other curses that people have 😉