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3 weeks ago

Earlier this year I was introduced to the concept of “neurological reserve” that clicks with me. Whenever my “reserve” gets lower…like the gas in a gas tank…old symptoms can emerge. Foot drop could creep up on me if I didn’t get enough sleep, was under stress, walked too long, etc. If all was going well I didn’t notice it. Some symptoms like slurred speech only occurred during one relapse. I accept that if my reserve drops low enough I may experience it again. I know what to watch for…I will have a hard time saying “pretty kitty” fast…don’t think that will affect me much ;-0 but I remember those words causing me difficulty.

As Stumbler says this type of relapse is usually managed quite quickly with steroids. For me within a day or two of starting a 5 day course of prednisone (huge doses) the symptoms would be 80% gone.

To explain this concept Dr Boster refers to the “leaky pool” concept and it is explained well in this video
hope it helps you too-