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3 weeks ago

Hi Vixen; thank you for your reply and interest..
I also have the stab in my left eye with facial and head neuralgia and the outer corner of my other eye has on and off twitching now and again which goes on all day.
I have semi numb and a strong dull ache in the whole left arm and sometimes this alternates in either leg..I cannot sleep and often have a kind of soft buzzing all through my body sometimes, other times this can show in the day whereupon the vibration is alot more pronounced plus a terrible shaking all through my body with a scarry feeling and at this point i can hardly stand and my balance is worse than usual during what i feel is an attack and all my energy shuts down, last week i had to be assisted to undress and helped into seems if i can sleep a bit that i awake with at least say 90% of energy restored..till the next time..
I am a constant pain sufferer and also nocturnally..i can have twitching in many parts and thats what i see as neural/ muscular disturbance.
I have balance problems every day with leg going dead or giving way plus in the knee every day, I mudt say that the most painfull symptom i have after the udual spasms is when it turns to spasticity where i am in the worst of it..
I have tendons burning up and even around the vaginal soft tissue hand has twice tried to turn inwards..I am sick of going to toilet and worse through the night, only to find i cannot empty my bladder.i have wholesale constipation for whivh i take a prescrinef mild emmetic otherwise i would go weeks like over many years..sometimes coupled with a heaby leg my toes ho numb and promotes more tripping/falling.
I often have outer thigh tingling followed by numbness when i lay either side, muscle cramps on and off inhibits sleep.
The heat intolerance goed s like this; if i can remain cold, i never have it but the hot weather kills me ,plus (strangely) whenever i take a warm drink or hot food the heat intolerance kicks in first sip or mouthful,same as when its freezing and dare to put hesting on, i have the sweats again but i i am never wet (GPs are fond of saying its menopausal! do what would they say to a man !!..
I often drop things where one hand feels strange and no strength..
Now i must appologise for stating the above first but can truthfully distinguish between these symptoms which i strongly suspect MS .. my other condition which can according to medical field be pertaining to my degenerative spine( cervical/ lumber and thoracic sponylosis which has now given in to scoliosis mid back..i have sciatica with this. pins and needles in all extremeties muscle spasms but never bladder problems as i have now and all i have stated above is for the most part new..the spine problems were diagnosed years ago and you do get to know the pattern..i am 66 now ..spasms in the back gibe rise over time to muscle weakness and with the scoliosis now balance can be a bit off due to muscle weakness and i suppose age ha.. i sometimes have to use a chair provided by GP.
The spasms have turned to spasticity, i never had heat sensitivety before, nor most of what is stated at the outset of my symptoms.
I appologise once again but i hope you can understand why i wrote in this order And the predicament of not being allowed to voice my concerns where my spine problem lends itself to being fobbed off before i can be believed..I know the difference, thats where this is and i do have some knowledge but not the guts..but i would have no trouble speaking to a distant Private neurologist where i would feel Free to articulate my problem but…
My Sincerest thanks for your interest and even moreso for your patience..I think i am a tricky case yes but i would have liked the opportunity to speak to the GPs..i despare..
Best Wishes for your health..Regards Prianka.