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1 month ago

Welcome to the private club none of us wanted to be in 😉 but at least we are in it together. It does take some time to adjust to and accept the diagnosis. For me there was tat least one positive as at least I had an explanation to some of the strange diagnosed symptoms in the past and, at that point, there was a treatment path and new DMTs fresh to the market. It was a time (2005) when they fully expected to “cure” MS within a few years. Well, still waiting on that! but at least it is better understood and there are many drugs that are truly impacting disease course now. I don’t think MS of the future will follow all the trends of the past and they are now able to document that.

In your search for information this group is a good one as are the various MS societies and the material on Dr Boster’s site. This is his message to the newly diagnosed-

Welcome and good luck-