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1 month ago

@lilypalooza – thanks for your reply, i feel like im really trying to take it all in my stride amd deal with it as best as i can, i guess its understandable that im struggling though, its good to talk to people who understand though, because i think the people closest to me, although im able to talk about it, none of them really understand, thats something i will have to work on myself though, to stop hating the world, to stop taking it out on people and causing unecessary drama- Just get on with it and take as much time as i need

@vixen-thanks for your reply, ive been on a mini rollercoaster in the past 6 days from being ok about it, to being depressed about it, to being angry about it, to some dark thoughts,to the dread of life beyond going to bed at night
Its all just going to take time which is something i will have to learn
Also will need to work on my sleep becsuse that is terrible at the minuite and is affecting my day
Greatly, from struggling to wake up, being late for work, general low moods

@jadeshelley-thank you, its really helping to read these replies and know that whst im feeling and going through is normal and will pass once eventualy sunk in that it is happening wether i like it or not
I do feel like an instant burden to people know though which is rubbish
Time is all i need i suppose 🕓

@ a_girls-gotta_eat- i feel like that with some of my past things- i was misdiagnosed with cervical cancer in 2018, it took a massive toll on my life at that moment, some days it really effected me, other days it felt like i was telling someone elses story
So maybe in time this will become the same situation
I will just take my time and take each day as it comes

@sarahpen-Im in the UK too, Manchester, i will have a look into the 4 week course, it would definatly help
I dont want to live in denial because no matter how much i could try, it would come out in the end 10 fold!
As you say its best to process and be upset now in the moments when its happening and i feel it, rather that it rearing its head on a good day which is a potential!

Thank you all for your responses! means alot that you have all taken the time to speak to me about how im feeling and making me see that is is in fact normal ❤