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1 month ago


First of all, never apologise for expressing how you feel. You go through a lot and have every right to say what you want and when you want.

I find it quite nice that you are with your nieces, I too use to spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews, but as Covid-19 has struck, it has made it practically impossible given the living arrangements that are in place. The only way I get to see my family is by them coming round to my house and sit in the garden, being at a distance. I currently live with my mum and dad and my brother… Oh, and my walking stick! 😂

I hope that your MS symptoms start to subside and fade away as times are already hard enough given the current climate we are in.

I love the term that you used “The Struggle Bus”, it is absolutely perfect as we all have moments of complete torture with this diagnosis. If only we could all aboard The Struggle Bus and open up to each other giving us the support and comfort knowing that we are not fighting this battle alone.

I wish you well and that you and everyone around you stays well and safe.

All the best!

Jay x