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1 month ago

Thanks @stumbler for your endless help and advice. Yes @muffie, we do sound similar, I have been diagnosed with RRMS this January, although my feet first went numb 6 years ago. I was sent for a brain scan which came back clear. I then had another scan about I year ago, where they saw lesions. I have no idea how many lesions I have, but I think I have got so used to alot of the symptoms that I don’t notice them. @vixen, I also have funny feeling knees
I have also suffered from bad migranes and am totally intolerant to alcohol unfortunately!
My doctor (not my neuro) believes that there are several different types of MS – and I am not talking about RR SP PP etc – and I think she is right. If it’s any consolation my grandmother had it and was not a bit disabled , in fact I never even knew

Oh yes, and also I am always ravenously hungry!