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1 month ago

I’m only an hour from the area where George Floyd’s life taken by a cop a week ago today so it is dominating our minds and our news. As we are all pretty much locked in our homes due to Covid-19 at the moment we are having a lot of zoom calls to stay in touch with everyone. In last nights Zoom call with friends the leader (our pastor that is a GLBTQ activist) explained the issue with the “all lives matter” stance. Yes they do- but at this time and in this place it is important to emphasize, specifically, that the social system in the US has especially oppressed the black community and we need to acknowledge that and call for it to end. Finally. For good. The city still smoulders and everyone is on edge and roads are closed intermittently as they to control outsiders trying to come in to riot which pulls attention from the peaceful protests and work going on to heal.