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1 month ago

as I saw some activity here, I wanted to give an Update on my situation. News have been bad and good alike. First the bad. I was told that most of the damage is parmanent and I hope tough, that my brain will still be able to recover at least from some of the damage.
The good is, that I have been declared NEDA. I have since started on Tecfidera and am On week 8 without any persisting side effects which is very nice I suppose. As for my Vision there were some small improvments on the light sensitivity and green color distortion, even tough minor, it still represents an improvemt to quality of life.

@geee_h That Radiosurgery sounds paticular rough. was this some sort of a last resort? Did you try Plasma exchange or Chemo, to stop the relapse first?
As for your phsysio i am in the same boat as you are. My local rehabiliation has been closed until the pandamic is over….

Maybe I am too negative sometimes but being patiant has never been my strength. I am too am wondering what can recover and what not. But we cannot tell. Nobody can. We can just wait and try to adapt to the current tituation as best as we can. I am sure it smust be hard tough, to be going from being very active to very much less so. How do you keep yourself busy now?