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7 months ago

I was diagnosed in 2005 and put on a DMT (copaxone) that by today’s standards is not very effective. While I had occasional flare-ups that were knocked back with massive steroid infusions I really wasn’t impacted much by MS.

I always felt that the diagnosis of MS affected my life more than the disease itself. The maintaining of insurance and possibly employment was more troubling than any physical impact of the disease.

Now I feel it creeping up on me and two good Neurologist groups believe I am transitioning to SPMS (as like 80% of remitting MS people do) so I have been moved over to Ocrevus.

There are some that believe a more aggressive stance against MS should be taken and a highly effective drug used on the front line. If you search up Aaron Boster on you tube you will see him promote that position. That is fine. I may have done that if effective DMTs were available back when I was diagnosed ;-0

Living by looking in the rear-view mirror is not that effective…I encourage you to face forward honestly with your blinders off and go for it. Push every day but know your personal limits so as to not antagonize the beast. We learn where that line is. To see what a person can do and how they can fight I try to keep on top of the MS is BS guy – Dave Bexfield and the FU MS podcasts. I learn and do all I can. I can’t afford denial any longer- maybe you can’t either. Good luck- keep an eye on this forum as well 😉