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7 months ago

I should also mention that I was in a clinical trial when I was first diagnosed to see if adding prednisone (steroid) into our treatment for 5 days a month would help manage MS. They concluded the study early that it did not…so it failed…but having something fail is just as important as succeeding as now they knew something not to do 😉 I felt there was little risk to me as I stayed on my DMT and it was just about adding something to the treatment to help…not take something away.

So- it may have gained the MS community some benefit and for me there were many perks. I received “free” MRIs” that were reviewed by a top neurologist team, free Dr visits with an MS specialist at great clinic and bone scans as that was part of the study.It did take like 1/2 day visits I think it was quarterly…so there was a time investment as well. In all I am glad I participated.