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2 months ago

Hi aansy, wow, I was diagnosed exactly two years ago today and I have to say, the treatment options available keep improving. It took nearly five years for my diagnosis and the lucky part of that was if I had been diagnosed straight away I probably wouldn’t on Tecfidera, which is what I’m currently on (and currently happy with).

Hopefully your doctor told you to check out the MS Trust website to read up on your options. I would also check out an American doctor on Youtube – Dr Aaron Boster. He has a few videos on different treatment options. He’s on Twitter too.

The thing I hadn’t considered when I started on Tec was the taking it twice a day, every day. You can never really put MS out of your mind. I had a couple of injectable options or Lemtrada, which is currently under review and not available as a first treatment. Lemtrada sounded full on and risky and I would have had to take a lot of time off work, so I decided against it. Five years of monthly blood tests didn’t sound great either! BUT the upside was after two treatments a year apart you might not need any more treatment!

That’s the advantage of Mavenclad too. I think given the option I would choose that. The chance of never having to take another MS drug. And if it doesn’t work, you can move on to something else.

But Ocrevus sounds more effective… all things to weigh up!