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8 months ago

Hi @kevin1786, it’s great that you’re here for your wife. MS can be a terribly isolating experience for folks and their partners. It’s tough that we have to learn to become our own advocates with MS, so your wife is lucky you are helping her with that.

If it were me, I would go back to A and E, on the grounds that these are the same symptoms as a stroke. As we know, it’s likely not this, but the delay by the hospital in monitoring your wife- or clearly explaining how she needs to monitor herself – could have been what has contributed to this dip. Anyone on this site will tell you of the impact stress has on us, and it’s vital we are shown how to manage this until things settle down.

People use this site from all over the world and yes, we are very fortunate that we don’t pay for our MS treatment and services in the U.K. but the service is often shoddy, and patients effectively left abandoned and dangling, especially after diagnosis.

You have lots of support on this site. So keep tuned in. And keep fighting, this is your new mission! X