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8 months ago

Ey up matey your story sounds similar to mine (apart from the bobby bit, I used to be the one being chased 😂 sounds like you might of been the one chasing me as was never caught in my youth 😂 (long retired now from me minor local crime wave after having kids and being a disabalist (growing up to a degree)).

anyway moving swiftly on 😂 your “story” sounds similar to me and your stuck with a set of floppy dildos for legs. I was Diagnosed about 3 years ish ago now I think and at the time I was on two crutch’s struggling to stay up at all, couldn’t drive at all and was stuck being chauffeured around. I too was clueless about disabalists and different forms of it did not know anyone really with a disabalist ability. Now I make a point of stopping and avin a waffle with people it’s a eye opener when your used to be completely fit and healthy and all of a sudden thas int same boat. Which is a shame really there just people like us (me now) I would say tho avoid the angry looking ones 😂 there in pain and can be a bit crabby, iv been there too 😂.

My approach is fight the fecker head with me little cheeky Yorkshire smile, and sense of humour and determination. I’m driving again (a manual car too for now), and just use one stick for balance so I can get about. It’s been a slog but iv managed to not have much time off work and plow through it, blink and 3 years past. I would say tho make sure you make it to all your appointments, and physio as I missed a lot as I was too busy with the blinkers on working so I can keep the baby’s in there tracksuits and gold chains 😂. I’m sure I’d be better off if I managed to make them all and I listened to the doctors about rest and taking it easy. You live and learn 😂