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6 months ago

@itsmewithms I think I’ve been pretty lucky so far. It appears I’ve had symptoms (specifically the MS Hug) all the way back to 2012. My GP dismissed it as anxiety. The only reason they caught it is because I started to go numb/tingly in my feet, then up my legs all the way to my sternum.

I’m very active, and continued to try and workout while the numbness/tingly feeling was happening. They did a thoracic MRI that showed lesions on my spine, and a brain MRI showing 11-12 lesions. After that I went on copaxone in January this year, and I’ve had flares since then. Optic neuritis in my right eye, some more numbness/tingly, MS hugs and now a new lesion. So he’s recommending Ocrevus, I’m hoping it will do a better job of keeping flare ups at bay.

I’m so sorry to hear about employers treating you that way. Once again, I’ve been pretty lucky, my current manager understands and empathizes with what I’m going through. I also haven’t had many symptoms that were visible.