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8 months ago

I had my first infusion two weeks ago and the second half of the first dose tomorrow. If you check out the other posts as Highlander suggested you will see quite a bit of discussion on it. If you have specific questions you can message me. First infusion went ok. I had a bit of a reaction so they stopped infusion and pushed some benedryl stuff and then resumed. I had developed a slight rash on my cheek. I didn’t notice by my husband was with me for support and called it to the nurses attention. Because of this he will need to drive me home from the second treatment as well. I understand that the second infusion goes better for some reason. Perhaps the body now doesn’t recognize it as a threat.

There is also a lot of info on the web…some of it helpful 😉 I think Aaron Boster’s series on you tube to be helpful. He is an MS expert in Ohio/US that puts out a lot of good information. This one covers Ocrevus