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6 months ago

Diagnosed on the 26th September. Left leg and foot affected. I had 5 days worth of steroids and since have been on Gabapentin for the pain. Ive been housebound for over a month.
I’ve not had the conversation about the DMDs yet, as I was told they want to wait until this relapse has got better, although there is a chance I could never be back to what I was.
I’m in a high pressure, client facing, corporate sales job. I’ve been working from home since my diagnosis, I’ve not had any time off, which is probably to my detriment.
But I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and we wouldn’t even afford rent on what my boyfriend earns. I pay for most things, earning 5 times more. The thought of not having my income terrifies me.

One thing I’ve started recently is neurophysiotherapy. I feel like I’ve got more movement in my foot than I did. I feel like it’s made me more positive. Hope I can get my movement back to ‘normal’.