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8 months ago

Hi @oopsie! This is my first day here. I to, have been very active. I have remitting relapsing MS, diagnosed in 1996. I had several hospitalizations early on but not since 2013 now. I’ve had smaller exacerbations and stayed home on oral prednisone over the years but not too many. I am very blessed. I was a rappel and zip line instructor for The Girl Scouts for 10 years after my diagnosis. After, I became an outdoor trainer for the Girl Scouts for another 10 years. I currently have the flu since Tuesday, today is Friday. I’ve talked with my neurologist nurse and she called it a pseudo exacerbation that I’m having and should improve as I recover from the flu. Lots of numbness and tingling, weakness, fatigue and some cognitive problems. UGG! Hope you’re doing well today and hope for you better tomorrow’s…