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8 months ago

@rel12 @kalt Hi Rel / Kalt, I am happy to say I have not seen any notable decline post treatment, I have seen improved recovery from fatigue and also a lessening of heat fatigue.

It is hard to provide a baseline at the moment as I have just had a serious case of appendicitis with a number of complications I am recovering from.

Prior to falling ill I was able to up my walk to a mile in one go, which is quite significant, though I have had a lot on in my life recently too, moving house for example, which is always stressful!

Needless to say I would recommend going, sure it is expensive, sure there are risks, but at what price do you put on your health? The quality of care are Clinica Ruiz is excellent, as it is, I am sure in Russia too from what I have heard from people who have went.

Don’t be expecting to be cured, you are not the damage is still there, but if it halts progression and you make even a minor gain, that is a win in my book.