Do you work with other MS centres, and if so on what aspects of research?

In this video Claire interviews Dr Anna Williams who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Sigrid

Video transcript

Claire: So, do you work with other MS centres around the globe and if so, on what aspects of research?

Dr Anna Williams, Neurologist: Yeah. So I work in the Centre for Regenerative Medicine so we have our own MS Centre within Edinburgh on this site that we’re in at the moment, so some in our building and some in other buildings just about 100 metres away. So we work within Edinburgh within different groups. I also collaborate with a variety of different groups across the world, so I spent two and a half years in Paris…

Claire: Very nice.

Dr Anna Williams: Yes, exactly. So we still have a link to the Paris MS group, which is nice. I have a link with Toledo in Spain and actually with, that’s Fernando di Castro, he’s sorting out a big European-wide collaboration for students so that we can have a joint PhD student between our centres and that will be between Spain, Italy, Germany and ourselves. And we think this is good, because it allows different centres to exchange expertise, but also talking is good because different ideas is good between the different centres. We also have some links with Canada, actually have somebody coming over just in a few weeks’ time to learn some of our techniques and then take it back to Canada. And Australia, but that’s slightly more difficult to send people to more quickly.

Claire: Yes. Would be a nice trip.

Dr Anna Williams: It’s a long trip. But Australia, they’re doing similar things to us but again, a sort of collaborating of growing bits of brain in dishes and trying to measure the electricity that’s going across. And I think that’s one of the nice things about science is the international aspect of it. My group has got a variety of different nationalities in it, which is great, and the Centre is full of different people from different nationalities and it’s good generally to talk across cultures, just for life, but it’s also good for science to exchange ideas, exchange expertise and of course the students we train here will then go off and set up labs in different countries and improve hopefully the research in MS.

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