Will MS complicate my pregnancy, especially giving birth?

In this video Casey interviews Nicola Macleod who is a MS Specialist Nurse. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Casey from the MS community: In what ways can having MS complicate pregnancy, and especially giving birth?


Nicola Macleod, MS Specialist Nurse: Well, we hope none, but in an ideal world that you wouldn’t necessarily, having MS and being pregnant, you know, we hope that you’ll be treated the same as any other, you know, mother.  But it would largely depend on whether or not somebody had any sort of pre-existing residual symptoms when they became pregnant. For example, if somebody had fatigue or if somebody had urinary problems or somebody had some spasticity.  And it would depend, I suppose, on whether or not they could take their symptomatic medications during pregnancy, because obviously these things might have to be discussed as well. But sometimes obviously, depending on what stage and how well people are keeping, you know, they may need to sort of keep a special check on these things just to make sure that things are kept to a minimum.


Casey: Okay.  And given the link between depression and MS, would I be more likely to experience postnatal depression?


Nicola Macleod: I would say that question has probably not been researched, to my knowledge.  I may be corrected on that one, but I would say I wouldn’t necessarily, yeah, put the two together.


Casey: Okay.  And so giving birth, is it safe for someone with MS to have an anaesthetic or an epidural?


Nicola Macleod: Yeah.  Yeah, there would be no reason, again, why you shouldn’t have any birthing option provided to you that anybody else shouldn’t as well.


Casey: Okay, so treated the same as anybody else.


Nicola Macleod: Treated exactly the same, yes.  Yeah, yeah.

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