Will I get worse if I take part in a trial?

In this video Jules interviews Sally Fox who is a Neurology Research Nurse. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Jules: Will someone get worse if they take part in a trial?

Sally Fox, Neurology Research Nurse: They shouldn’t get worse. Obviously that is always a possibility. I think usually it would be to do with the natural progression of the MS. I suppose there is always the risk that you would react to a drug. Obviously, we work to a very strict protocol so if anything were to, if you were to react to a drug, for example, there’d be a very strict criteria of what we were to do and when. So it would be very unusual and I think most of the drugs, most of the reactions will be an infusion reaction, which might sound scary, but it’s usually quite easily managed with drugs, even like Piriton. So we can usually continue on the drug but we would just take you off, give you some Piriton, and carry on. Some of the drugs aim to slow down progression in secondary progressive MS rather than to do anything dramatic, so you would probably still continue on the path that you would have been on, but we would hope that you’d continue more slowly. And that, we hope, would slow things down while we’re looking for other drugs that could be probably more dramatic in terms of effect.

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