What’s your opinion on B Cell depletion therapy?

In this video Paul interviews Dr Martin Duddy who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Millar

Video transcript

Paul: So the other question would be about your personal opinion about B cell depletion therapy.

Dr Martin Duddy, Neurologist: So B cell depletion therapy, it depends kind of how you approach it. From a scientific point of view it’s a really interesting thing to do and there’s lots of reasons why it might work in MS, but if you’re kind of a more pragmatic person, just look at the data, it’s really great data, and I think you can kind of take that regardless of how the drugs work. So if you look at what they do, we’re looking at virtual stopping of new MRI activity after about six months, very few relapses. I suppose the one thing we’re waiting to see is how good it is on brain shrinkage, so we know that with campath or alemtuzumab it was sort of year three, four, five before we saw the maximum effect. So if ocrelizumab comes in that good on brain shrinkage on top of what it’s doing on stopping new lesions coming through, that’s a very powerful combination, added to the fact that it does seem to work in both relapsing forms and potentially progressing forms in the absence of relapse. So it’s, yeah, kind of exciting times that those two things together, I think, show and move on dealing with all people with MS. When you speak to people with progressive disease they’ve just felt left out for so long, you know, every new story seems to be in relapsing disease, so here’s two big new stories just for progressive disease.

Paul: So I wanted to also ask about, is there any kind of timeline for when we might be seeing ocrelizumab available to patients?

Dr Martin Duddy: At the minute it’s with the European regulators and I think they’re about halfway through that process. My understanding is that that’s likely to reach a decision in the middle of next year. If that goes it usual thing and then comes to NICE it will be a year after that that we’d have the drug kind of available under the NHS, so probably still the guts of two years off.


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