What does multiple sclerosis look like? MS…according to the general public.

In this video Grace interviews Array who is a Array. The interview was filmed by Millar

Video transcript

Grace: What does multiple sclerosis look like?


Person: What does it look like?


Grace: Yeah, what do you think it looks like?


Person: No idea.


Person: Is it something to do with the muscles?


Person: People might have, would they have like, perhaps difficulty walking or being a bit mobile.


Person: If you see people in later stages, it’s confined to wheelchairs.


Person: I’ve seen on the streets quite a lot people who’ve had nervous breakdowns where they would hit themselves in the middle of the street.


Grace: Would it shock you if I told you that I had multiple sclerosis?


Person: It would, I did not know.


Person: It would, because you look so fit and well.


Person: Surprising, but not shocking.


Person: Well, just seeing you here, yeah, yeah.


Person: Yeah, I wouldn’t believe it, yes.


Person: Yes, I’m surprised, but it comes and goes doesn’t it?


Person: It’s like nothing you can see, from what I’m aware.  Like, anyone can have it, but I guess then it doesn’t always manifest itself obviously.


Person: Yeah, I think without a research or a conversation you maybe would never even know.


Grace: Yeah.


Person: And you would just think a person is, I don’t know, sloppy or forgets things just because she is or he is unorganised.


This interview is part of a series called ‘Hidden MS’ which is supported by Roche. MS Reporters™ is a Shift.ms production. Roche has had no influence over the content.

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