What type of exercises would you recommend for MSers with balance problems?

In this video Susie interviews Christy Holland who is a Physiotherapist. The interview was filmed by Kirby

Video transcript

Susie: What type of exercises would you recommend to help somebody who had balance problems?

Christy Holland, Physiotherapist: In MS, there are lots of different reasons why people have balance problems and it’s usually a combination of different factors. Some key factors that can impact on your balance: reduced sensation, spasticity, weakness, dizziness and fatigue. No two people generally have the same combination of problems so it’s really important that you have an assessment to find out exactly what your problems are and then your physiotherapist can give you a very specific treatment plan for you yourself.

In general, MSers can help themselves to improve their balance by becoming generally more active. Exercises such as pilates and t’ai chi are excellent ways of improving and maintaining balance and most areas have a variety of classes that can be chair-based, right up to being quite high level, so most people can find a class that would suit them. Thinking about how you sit and stand through the day can also help to keep you more active and keep your core muscles nice and strong. And again, your core stability and your core muscles are really important in maintaining your balance and keeping your balance good.

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