How the thinking behind MS treatment is evolving

In this video Paul interviews Miranda Olding who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by Millar

Video transcript

Paul talks to Miranda Olding about how the thinking behind MS treatment is evolving.

Miranda Olding, MS Nurse: So going from the beginning, the introduction to the whole of ECTRIMS, that was really good. That was actually talking about how the thinking, of how thinking in MS treatment is evolving. So some real just key markers. One is to evolve the diagnosis so that diagnosis can be made more quickly but still be accurate. Prognosis, so getting people, being able to work out more accurately who, from the first signs of possible MS, who is likely to go on to develop clinically definite MS and also people who do have clinically definite MS, who is likely to go and accrue disability more speedily so that treatment can be personalised. So personalising treatment means rather than saying oh, we’ve got first line drugs, we’ve got second line drugs, we’ve got drugs that are only available for very aggressive MS, we’re actually looking at a person’s individual risks and individual MS and giving them the right drug at the right time for the right person and also for the health service at the right price. So that was, you know, that was good to hear.

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