Is there a specific diet that can benefit MSers?

In this video Robby interviews Diane Playford who is a Professor of Rehabilitation. The interview was filmed by

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Robby asks Diane if there’s a specific diet that can benefit MSers?

There’s no evidence that any particular diet helps MS. There’s a lot of interest in diets that are high in polyunsaturated fats and low in saturated fats and those diets are generally very healthy and so I’d encourage people to go on them because of their general effects on health, but not because of any specific effects on MS.

Is there anything you should avoid eating?

Too much alcohol. But again, nothing specific in MS that you should avoid eating or drinking. All the guidance around diet and alcohol intake would apply to people with MS, but they’re around general health issues rather than specifically to MS.

MS Reporter: Robby
MS Expert: Dr Diane Playford’s research interests focus on rehabilitation process and outcome including developing and evaluating new services and care pathways.

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This is not the right video. It is the stem cell one.

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