Ocrelizumab has been turned down for primary progressive MS in the UK. Why ?

In this video Rachel interviews Professor Gavin Giovannoni who is a Consultant Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Rob

Video transcript

Ocrelizumab was being reviewed by NICE as the first licensed treatment for Primary Progressive MS. Rachel interviews Prof G to find out why exactly they’ve decided not to recommend it. If you think it’s unfair that NICE aren’t recommending the first licensed drug for progressive MS, Gavin recommends writing to your MP. We’ve put together a template letter to download on this link. https://goo.gl/K2kxg3

Expert: Gavin Giovannoni, Consultant Neurologist, BARTS, London

MS Reporter: Rachel


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I do not consider it cost effective to treat junkies or proscribe paracetamol, so as it is seen as not cost effective to proscribe O for my PPMS can I stop paying for treatments I deem not cost effective?

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