What news should MSers be getting excited about?

In this video Kirsty interviews Professor Carolyn Young who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Kirsty: I’m here with Carolyn Young. Carolyn, what have you thought of the conference so far, what do you think MSers should be excited about, about this conference?

Professor Carolyn Young, Neurologist: Well, the conference has had a real buzz this year. There’s been a lot of discussion about new treatment with new molecules coming through. The other exciting thing is that rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis is being properly looked at now so we understand what works and what might not be so beneficial for patients. That’s key because we don’t want people to have their hopes raised by something which isn’t going to be helpful to them.

Kirsty: Great. What sort of research and stuff were you presenting yourself today?

Professor Carolyn Young: So there’s information from the TONiC Study being presented here. There are six posters from TONiC at this particular meeting. TONiC is going extremely well. We’re enormously gratified that we’ve got over 20 sites and that we’ve got over 5,000 people with MS in the UK who’ve contributed to this quality of life research. That’s an enormously successful study and it’s going to make a huge difference to people’s future care. We’re also very pleased that people with primary and secondary progressive MS have chosen to be involved with this research and that we’ve had a range of different ages and different levels of disability. It’s been a really inclusive study.

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