Are there new treatments that promote the repairing of damaged nerves from demyelination?

In this video Polly interviews Dr Paolo Muraro who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by

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Polly: Are there new treatments that promote the repairing of nerves damaged through demyelination as opposed to just preventing further damage or protecting against further damage?

Dr Paolo Muraro, Neurologist: Yes. On the one side at least one of the new pharmacological treatments, Alemtuzumab, has been shown by the researchers in Cambridge to have neuroprotective and potentially neurotrophic, that is nourishing nervous system, potential. And although not formally proven that this occurs in people with MS from the biological property of cells treated with Alemtuzumab, it can be hypothesised that this treatment can lead to some form of repair. Then of course stem cell therapies are almost by design meant to aim to protect and even better, regenerate myelin forming cells and this is what a number of groups are working at.

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