Should MSers be having more frequent MRI’s to monitor activity?

In this video Cat interviews Dr Jeremy Chataway who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by

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Cat asks Dr. Chataway if MSers should be having more frequent MRI’s to monitor activity.

Cat: ABM and brain health report recommends frequent monitoring of sub-clinical activity. Does this mean MSers should be having more MRIs?

Dr Jeremy Chataway, Consultant Neurologist: Yes, that is a very good question, an emerging topic. How do we monitor how someone is doing? Obviously that person with MS will tell us how they’re doing and are they having relapses or progression or attacks. But I think the other side of the coin is the MRI scan and I think really a person with MS should be having an annual MRI scan to help us decide what’s going on. It could be more frequently if a lot is going on or there’s a real need to switch treatment. But I think we’re moving now to an age where more MRI will be done, because it’s helpful to us in putting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together as to whether a person with MS is having optimal treatment or needs to switch to another treatment.

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