Miranda reports on her learnings on alpha-lipoic acids

In this video Paul interviews Miranda Olding who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by Millar

Video transcript

Paul: So could you also tell us a little bit about the most exciting presentations you’ve been to at ECTRIMS?

Miranda, MS Nurse: Okay. So I’ve just walked out of one that I did find exciting, because it’s something really simple and really practical. So a lot of the presentations here are very scientific, some of that goes right over my head, if it doesn’t have a practical application for my patients I’m less interested in it. Anyway, this was something that has been researched quite often in the past, but the results have been inconclusive, and this was something on alpha-lipoic acid. Oh no, lipoic acid, okay, so get that right. And the lady presenting that actually found that by taking, I think 1,200 – I’ll have to check – anyway, by taking lipoic acid every day there was a 66% reduction in brain atrophy in a randomised control trial conducted over two years and it halved the number of falls in the people with MS. So that’s really a really good take home, that’s something that people can practically do, they can take lipoic acid every day. So that was great, that was exciting.

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