How long after a relapse should MSers start physio?

In this video Barbara interviews Jenny Thain who is a Physiotherapist. The interview was filmed by Carolyn

Video transcript

Barbara: How long after a relapse would you recommend taking up physiotherapy?

Jenny Thain, Physiotherapist: We would recommend that you start straightaway when you’ve recognised that you’re having a relapse. In a centre like ours where we have a multi-disciplinary team relapse clinic, the physiotherapists are there in the clinic to give advice and support, perhaps provide mobility aids or splints, that type of thing, actually there and then in the clinic and we might advise an exercise programme, and then that would be gradually reviewed and progressed as people were able to. So really you can start straightaway. We’d advise you to just take it gently when there’s inflammation there because of the relapse, but we’d certainly advise you to start exercising as soon as possible.

Barbara: So if we’re not in a centre, like a multi-disciplinary centre and you just saw your GP or a doctor, would you recommend to refer to…

Jenny Thain: Yes, that’s right, we’d recommend that you ask that doctor that’s diagnosed you as having a relapse and is perhaps managing it with medications that they refer you on to a local physiotherapy service, if it’s appropriate for your symptoms that you’re presenting with so that you can start physiotherapy as soon as it’s available for you.

Barbara: Specialist physiotherapy, specially isn’t it really, rather than just general?

Jenny Thain: Certainly, a neurology physiotherapy service is the ideal, yeah. Not necessarily MS specific, but somebody with neurology experience.

Barbara: Right, I understand that, that’s good.

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