Kate’s been learning the bladder.

In this video Kirsty interviews Kate Hartley who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by Rob

Video transcript

Kate talks us through the knowledge she’s going to take home and apply in practice…it seems UTIs and pregnancy have been hot topics!

Kirsty: Kate, what have you thought of this conference so far?

Kate Hartley, MS Nurse: Yeah, it’s been really good. I’ve learnt quite a lot in regard to management of women who are wishing to become pregnant who are on disease modifying therapies, and built on to my knowledge in regard to the bladder.

Kirsty: Okay. And what are you most excited about that you’ve heard about?

Kate: So the bladder, because we see many patients who have bladder disturbance and really the information that I’ve learnt today in regard to maybe referring patients more readily for botulinum toxin if the anticholinergics have failed, and maybe using a drug called Mirabegron more in management of the bladder, because it has less antimuscarinic side effects, which is really important in the MS patient population.

Kirsty: And what will you be able to take home to your patients after this conference?

Kate: So maybe I’ll feel a little bit more confident in talking to a female patient – and male patients – in regard to family planning and when we should be stopping disease modifying therapies, yeah.

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