Karen Vernon talks hot topics at ECTRIMS 2016

In this video Natalie interviews Karen Vernon who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by Sam

Video transcript

Natalie: What did you find were the real hot topics this year that people should look out for that will be discussed and kind of really at the forefront of the information from this year’s exhibition?

Karen Vernon, MS Nurse: I think obviously the new drugs that are coming along, they’re going to take centre stage and the fact of people’s different experience in using them perhaps in the trial stages as the lessons that we can learn from them to implement into day-to-day practice. But I think it’s also about, particularly what I’ve noticed when having a very quick look through the programme at the moment, but is around self-management things for patients and there is certainly a lot more out there. Technology, like yourselves using different methods of communication that I think we can all learn from, and obviously to have everything altogether makes it easier to go and see people and ask questions.

Natalie: And what are you most looking forward to yourself about this week’s talks?

Karen Vernon: Tomorrow night, when I’ve stopped talking, and then I can actually enjoy the conference. But again, it’s just a unique opportunity to network. Being in MS nursing for a little while you build up contacts, not just in the UK, but also internationally and it’s things like this where you can catch up and exchange that information that is invaluable that you can’t quantify that isn’t a research project, but actually a safe environment on a wider basis to ask daft questions.

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