Jeremy Hobart gives us the lowdown of his time at ECTRIMS

In this video interviews Professor Jeremy Hobart who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Anindita

Video transcript

Professor Jeremy Hobart: I’m an academic neurologist based in Plymouth. So that means half of my time is spent dealing with people with MS in terms of diagnosis and management and half of my time is related to research, and my research area of interest is around measuring the impact of the disease on people, largely from the perspective of people with MS. And I’m at ECTRIMS because it’s an important meeting for me to attend, but I’ve got a set of presentations going in the week. That begins with the brain health initiative work, which was on Monday and Tuesday, then I’ve had a couple of presentations around work on the rating scale analyses that we’ve been doing, and then on Saturday I’m fortunate enough to be presenting the results of the fampridine study. And that is a drug that helps people with MS to walk better, for which it’s currently not available in the UK, unless you buy it, which is expensive at two and a half thousand pounds a year, but hopefully the results of this study will increase the amount of evidence that supports it being prescribed by the NHS. And in terms of your brain health initiative scale, is there any way you could kind of summarise your talk to let people outside of the community, kind of give people an insight as to what you’re talking about?,

Professor Jeremy Hobart: Okay, so the brain health initiative piece we have on this was trying to produce a way of measuring the quality of a service. And so that people can bring that in as they develop services, use it to identify areas of strength and weakness and then ideally to increase the general levels. So it’s what’s called a continuous quality improvement tool and this is a preliminary work that we’ve been doing.

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