How important is regular exercise in MS?

In this video Robby interviews Diane Playford who is a Professor of Rehabilitation. The interview was filmed by

Video transcript

Robby asks Diane how important is regular exercise in MS and if she can define exercise.

MS Reporter: Robby
MS Expert: Dr Diane Playford’s research interests focus on rehabilitation process and outcome including developing and evaluating new services and care pathways.


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Exercise is one way to help my body fight this dreaded disease. Exercise is a ‘no-brainer’, if I may. I’m fortunate enough to have the desire, some don’t and I get that. The benefits, however, are endless and hard to ignore. I’m pleased be able to try and do something to battle MS> Exercise is a commitment to me, if this is something the bears trying, I invite anyone to give it best shot for 1 month at least. Best of Luck to all! David

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