I’m trying to live a normal life, does my brain health affect this? What can I do?

In this video Natalie interviews Professor Dawn Langdon who is a Neuropsychologist. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Nat: I’m trying to live as normal a life as possible, does my brain health affect this and if so, what can I do about this?

Professor Dawn Langdon, Neuropsychologist: Okay, well that’s a very usual question. And so I think probably what matters is thinking about how you can make your normal life include positive lifestyle choices, which would be to protect your brain health. So it’s all the kind of sensible advice, which is a bit boring, but hey, we’re talking about it today. So it’s stuff like, you know, regular exercise, it’s stuff like maintaining a normal weight. It’s stuff like keeping cognitively active with mentally challenging tasks. So I always say, don’t do bingo, write a novel, okay? So something that’s going to make you think quite hard. And then there’s other stuff which perhaps isn’t quite so happy and positive, but is still important, which is that if anyone has any diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, or even risk factors for them, it’s really important that they’re treated.

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