I’m about to start a new job, is there anything you think I could do to feel more comfortable and less stressed regarding my MS at work?

In this video Cat interviews Graeme Whippy who is a Disability Specialist. The interview was filmed by Fred

Video transcript

Cat from the MS community: So I’m obviously about to start a new job, is there anything that you think I need to be doing to kind of maybe make my life a little bit easier so that I can feel more comfortable and less stressed, really?


Graeme Whippy, Channel 4’s Disability Specialist: Sure, absolutely.  I think the first step is that you need to judge the moment when you share with your new employer that you have a health condition, like MS.  A tool that can be very helpful is a, what we call a WRAP statement, so it’s a Wellness Recovery Action Plan. Horrible set of letters, but basically it’s a sheet of A4 that says this is me, this is my condition, this is how it impacts me at work, on a good day I’m like this, on a bad day I’m like that. And on a bad day, these are the things that you could do that could really help me.  And it’s just a way of getting out of your head on to a piece of paper the framework for having that conversation with your new boss. And it helps them as well, because they can say, oh okay, I didn’t realise… and what happens if… And it just helps create that conversation.


Cat: So is there anywhere that I could find an example of that…


Graeme Whippy: Google it, yeah.


Cat: Just google it?


Graeme Whippy: Just google WRAP statement.  I think, it came out of the mental health world, so I think if you go to the MIND website, you’ll find it on there.  But yeah, google’s your best friend for that one.


Cat: Perfect, thank you.

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