If you are on the access to work scheme and change employers, what should you do?

In this video Cat interviews Ian Milton who is a Access to Work at the Department of Work and Pensions. The interview was filmed by Fred

Video transcript

Cat from the MS community: So what if I change employers and I’m still wanting to receive Access to Work, how do I go about doing that?


Ian Milton, Access to Work at the Department of Work and Pensions: So what you need to do is give the Access to Work team a call, let them know that obviously you’re changing jobs, at the earliest possible point.  Because then what we can do is we can speak to your existing employer as well as your new employer and see if the support you’re currently receiving can be transferred, and that if it can, great, we can pay for costs if there are any in transferring that, or we can consider if there’s any additional needs or a change in needs, because your role’s changed a bit, then we can consider additional funding for those adjustments and we could even consider doing a workplace assessment for the new role before you start.  So we can have those recommendations available and ready with the funding so your employer can have it ready for when you start.


Cat: And how easy is it for you to do workplace assessments if someone, say, lives up north or something like that?


Ian Milton: Absolutely not a problem at all.  Access to Work has two providers for our holistic assessments and they’ve got national coverage across the whole of Great Britain.

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