If I had no MRI activity, would HSCT work for me?

In this video Nicoletta interviews Dr David Rog who is a Consultant Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Nicoletta, MS Reporter, asks Dr David Rog if she was someone who had no MRI activity, would stem cell therapy work for her.

Nicoletta: If I was somebody who had no MRI activity, will stem cell therapy work for me?

Dr David Rog, Consultant Neurologist: I think it’s much less likely for the reason that I mentioned before about the notion that the stem cell transplants have two components; the very powerful anti-inflammatory drugs to suppress and oblate the bone marrow itself, and then the reconstitution of the bone marrow with the stem cells afterwards. So, in theory if you don’t have measurable inflammatory activity, then you’ve got less to benefit, potential benefit from the stem cells. The types of inflammation that occur in different forms of MS may be different in terms of where they occur. So, for example, people with relapsing remitting MS may have more inflammation around the blood brain barrier, the barrier between the inner lining of the blood vessels and the brain itself. So inflammation there causes holes in the blood brain barrier and inflammation at that point, whereas the inflammation that occurs in some people with secondary progressive MS may be beyond the blood brain barrier, so we may be having to focus our attention on trying to treat that in different ways.

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