How have you adjusted your work to manage your MS symptoms?

In this video Michelle interviews Carla King who is a MS Advocate. The interview was filmed by Array

Video transcript

Michelle from the MS community: How have you adjusted your work to manage your MS symptoms?  But I suppose doing things like adjusting your work patterns on Monday, Wednesday, Friday…


Carla King, MS Advocate: That’s been so helpful, it really has.  I think other things, like because I am fresher in the mornings, where I can, I try and put all my meetings or anything that involves a little bit of thought kind of in the mornings, where I can.  Because I’m a bit like a Duracell bunny, I do kind of run out of energy.


Michelle: It’s all of us.


Carla King: I was going to say, is that good?  Okay. It does help to kind of do that side of things.  And actually I spend the first kind of half an hour of my time not just catching up with emails but also planning my day a bit.  Because I’ve got to be quite strategic. With MS we do, we have to be a little bit strategic about our time. So I think about when am I going to have a break today, you know?  Which is a bit weird isn’t it, and when I’m going to take my Gabapentin. So my calendar’s full of stuff that perhaps normal people don’t have. But we have to do sometimes just to kind of manage ourselves a little bit.  So I also have a notebook and it’s got different tabs for different aspects of my work.


Michelle: Sounds like my house.


Carla King: Fantastic news.  So you’re not alone.  Probably a lot of people do this, I’m sure I’m not alone.  But it means that because I’ve got the concentration of a goldfish, that this is kind of helpful to help my memory along, so aide-memoire.  Just going to show you. This is what I have to cope with. But it really helps, and honestly, reminders in my phone, everything I can. And what works for some people doesn’t work for everyone.  So you kind of just have to find your way. But yeah, that’s kind of what I mostly do.

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