How does the UK compare to the rest of the world in terms of perception of disability?

In this video Varsha interviews Joanna Wootten who is a Disability and Inclusion Expert. The interview was filmed by

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Varsha: How does the UK compare to the rest of the world in terms of perception of disability?


Joanna Wootten, Disability and Inclusion Expert: I think the UK’s generally not bad.  I mean I was born deaf and I remember going to – I won’t name the country – but they refused to speak to me because I was deaf, and they would only speak to my husband.


And I accept that, and that doesn’t happen in the UK. But maybe people might find it difficult to communicate on occasion, or what have you, but I don’t get the same assumption.  And I think that’s true of, I think the understanding in the UK is more nuanced [?].


And it has led on things like, ‘Please offer me a seat’ on the London Underground lanyard scheme, etc, and the airport.  So there is an implication, and importantly, we had the Disability Discrimination Act, etc. So we have quite a long established legal and social understanding of disability compared to some countries. I’m not saying we’re number one.


And I also think, it depends. It’s the luck of the draw who you speak to, but a lot of work places do provide training around disability, which does help to increase people’s awareness as well.


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