What is a green paper and who could this affect? – MS & Employment 2017

In this video Robby interviews Laura Wetherly who is a Policy Manager. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Robby: What is a Green Paper and who could this affect?

Laura Wetherly, Policy Manager: A Green Paper is a UK government document that sets out policy suggestions for policy change and action. Basically that will then be discussed and consulted on. The Green Paper on Health, Disability and Work sets out the government’s plan to halve the disability employment gap and it could have a really big impact on disabled people in the UK, including people with MS.

Robby: Okay, who thought of this Green Paper?

Laura Wetherly: So the thoughts in this Green Paper are basically the thoughts of both the Department for Work and Pensions and the Department for Health. There’s been some consultation already with the disabled community, so there’s some of our thoughts there as well, but largely it’s the government’s plan of what they want to do to try and help disabled people get into and stay in work.

Robby: Sure.

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