What is disclosure of MS at work?

In this video Michelle interviews Carla King who is a MS Advocate. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

Video transcript

Michelle: What is disclosure?


Carla King: So disclosure, when I looked it up, I was doing a workshop recently and I looked up the definition of disclosure and it’s basically the act of making something unknown, known, but it’s almost got this kind of weird feeling of secrecy around it, as if you’re kind of revealing something that’s hidden that you’ve purposefully hidden, and obviously that’s not what we’re doing as MSers.


So there’s already some emotion that’s elicited out of the actual word and I think that actually puts people off from actually disclosing, even just the thought of it is quite scary. And obviously there’s two parts to disclosure, isn’t there, there’s the conversation itself and then there’s the bit after, the aftermath.


So, my sort of, kind of advice to people who are thinking about disclosing is to think, you know, why are you disclosing, what’s the kind of reason, the purpose behind it?


Is it because you’ve got a need, is it because you feel a certain sense of obligation, you know, what are the reasons. And then, if you’re really concerned, thinking about what is it that, you know, what’s the worst that can happen if you tell, if you don’t tell. And that will hopefully bring you closer to sort of thinking about whether you disclose or not.

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